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Nov 10, 2010

Simple Calendar

I found this idea on my MOPS forum board from a very crafty lady! She did something similar but used an online company for the printing and spiral binding. I LOVED her idea but needed to figure out how to make it on a smaller budget. Instead of spiral binding, I used book rings. In my sample the rings are 1". I am going to use smaller ones for MOPS so the pages are not so far apart. I printed 2010 calendars from Word Perfect and I am going to copy them on white card stock. The front and back cover will be colored card stock. The great thing about this calendar is once the month is done, you just open the book rings and remove that page. The next month is waiting underneath.

Another can decorate the back of each page for the theme of the following month. As you can see in this picture, the back of January is blank. You can either remove it and have the same cover as above or decorate it and add other pictures for February. I think I just confused myself :) Hopefully you can picture what I am talking about!!
This would make a cute grandparents gift!!

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