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Nov 11, 2010


We love to make and play with playdough in our house!
Here is my favorite recipe...there are lots out there
but this is the one I like best:
First mix together your dry ingredients...
flour, salt and cream of tartar

Next, add the water, oil and food coloring.

Mix well until only small lumps remain.

Cook on medium heat stirring constantly.
It will start to lump together.

Continue cooking until little moisture is left.

I usually plop mine onto a cookie sheet to cool
and then knead it.
The playdough on the bottom is right out of the pan.
Once completely cool, store in Ziploc bag or plastic container.

I bought all of my ingredients at Smart & Final.
If you plan on making a lot of playdough, that is
the best place to buy the Cream of is a bit
pricey at the grocery store!

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