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Nov 11, 2010

Holiday Garland

Holiday Garland made with material
Here is what you need:
material and any type of string, rope or other base to tie
the material strips on

You can make the length and width any size you want.
For this one I cut strips that were 1" x 8"
Next time I might go a bit smaller in the length...maybe 6"
It will make the tying part more difficult but I think the
shorter length would look better.
I chose to tear my material for a fun, frayed look.
You can also cut it for a cleaner look.
But...let me tell you, the tearing part was like free
stress therapy!! It felt sooo good ripping them up!

The pile...I ended up having to tear more to cover
the length of the string
This next step is simple...
Tie a small knot in the end of your string to keep the pieces
on and then tie each piece of material on.

After I finished tying on all the material pieces,
I took it outside and shook it really hard to fluff
it up and get rid of any lose strands

The finished look
I am really happy with how it turned out and
that it was so easy to do.

I have seen this type of garland on mantels, over doors,
as table runners and in other parts of the house.
I also think it would look cute as a wreath and instead
of using rope or string, tie the material strips on
a metal hanger shaped into a circle.
You can add other types of items in the garland...
large wooded beads, ribbon, candy canes...
lots of possibilities!!

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