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Nov 10, 2010

Crafting With Coasters

A while back I came across some really cute crafts made from coasters. So, every restaurant we went to I was saving coasters and asking the waiter for more. Then I found out you could buy new ones made for crafting. Of course....they seem to have everything for crafting :) I found a seller on eBay and bought a bulk of them and there they a box. I finally pulled them out and made something. It was pretty easy to make and you could use it for so much!

I made a pencil, pen, other stuff holder.
Here is what you need:
5 coasters
scrapbook paper
hole punch

Measure coaster and cut 4 squares from
the scrapbook paper. If you have a
corner rounder, round the edges.
If not, you can cut the corners
once the paper is glued on the coaster.

This step I will do different next time.
I should have glued the paper to the coaster and then punched the holes.
It would have made it much easier to line everything up.
I measured and marked at the 1" and 3" point and then punched holes on 3 of the sides.
On the bottom coaster I punched holes in all 4 sides.

Attach paper to coasters. I used photo sticker squares on the first one and then switched to a spray adhesive.
Once you have all 4 coasters covered you can start tying them to the bottom coaster.
Don't tie the sides yet...that will be the last thing you do.

It should look like this. Now you can tie up the sides.

I stuck some post-its on the back
These would also make really cute teacher gifts, gift boxes,
photo cubes (use a 6th coaster to close the top).

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