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Nov 10, 2010

Stamped Jewelry

I am finally getting around to posting a tutorial on how to use the steel stamps on washers. Here is what you will need:
*Steel stamp alphabet sets (I got mine from Harbor Freight I have also seen them on Etsy) If you buy them from Harbor Freight they are covered in a light grease so they don't rust. Simply wash them in your sink with a little soap and water...dry immediately.
*Washers or other metal items
I found that aluminum washers work the best b/c it is a thin metal. If you are going to be making jewelry you might want to check Etsy for sterling silver charms, etc.
*Black Sharpie
*Polishing Pad (I bought mine from Etsy)
*Nail Punch Set (this is an optional item that can be used to punch a hole at the top of your washer. I found mine at Harbor Freight)

Harbor Freight sells the
steel stamps in three sizes:
1/8" 1/4" 3/8"

Step 1: Find a hard surface to work on. I like to use the garage floor or our front patio. Line up the letter stamp and give it one hard hit with the hammer. If you do more than one hit, you take the chance of your stamp moving.
It should look something like this

Continue with the other letters.

If you want to punch a hole in the washer, use the nail punch set. I have found that you need to hit these quite a few times before the hole appears. I also flipped my washer over and punched on the back as well.
Step #2: Using a sharpie, color over the letters. Be sure to really push the tip of the pen into the letter grooves. It is okay to color outside the lines...we will clean it up in step #4 It will look like this

Step #3: The last step. Use a polishing pad and rub over the letters. This will remove the sharpie and shine up your washer. If there is one letter that needs more color, repeat step #2 and 3.
A few little tips....
*I have seen other tutorials where they use an anvil as their pounding surface. Those are great if you have one.
If not, use the garage floor like I do.

*Keep a "practice" washer to help line up letters, make sure they are turned right, etc. I have had many "oops" pieces with upside down letters :)
*Check out Etsy or your local hardware store for other stamping materials.
Hopefully all this makes sense!

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