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Nov 11, 2010

Paper Mache!

Paper Mache Bowls!
I found this cute idea at Kids Craft Weekly
So simple and easy.

Here is what you need:
colored tissue paper, Elmers glue, paintbrush,
plastic bowl and saran wrap

1. Cover the bottom of a plastic bowl with saran wrap...
I taped it to the inside of the bowl so it would not move or slide

2. In a separate bowl mix together
equal amounts of glue and water
I used 2 bottles of Elmers glue for 5 bowls

3. Tear tissue paper into pieces (size does not matter!)
I used 3 sheets for 2 time
I will probably use 3-4 sheet per bowl

4. Paint a layer of glue mixture onto bowl. Cover with tissue paper and more glue.
Continue until you have used all the tissue paper.

5. Lay it outside to dry. Once you think the outside of the bowl is dry enough,
carefully pull it away from the plastic bowl and then gently pull off saran wrap.
Leave out for another hour or more so the inside can continue to dry.

A few things I learned for next time...
*wrap the bowls in saran wrap before. This was a "boring"
part for Kelly and she really could not help with this step.
*Tear some of the paper before as well. Took longer than
I thought and was too much for a 5 year old attention span.
However, let them do some of the tearing...
it is great for their fine motors!
*Only use plastic bowls! We used a few glass bowls and
the tissue did not slide off easy...I ended up tearing 2 bowls :(
*Use more tissue paper! More paper = thicker/sturdier bowl

Have fun!

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