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Nov 9, 2010


It's no secret...I LOVE blogs.

Most of the blogs in my favorites
list are crafty ones...full of
happiness, glitter and Mod Podge.

There are also ones that bring
sadness to my heart.
Heartbreaking stories of people I have
never met but I pray for them like they are
part of my family. I pray so hard
calling out His name to bring peace to
them. I have sooo much
admiration for these families. Their
honest and painful words fill the
space on their blogs...but behind
there suffering is beauty. I don't know
what keeps pulling me back to these blogs
but I wake up every morning yearning to
check them. If the days between their
posts is longer than three...I worry.
I Google to see if I missed something.
I hit the floor on my knees praying that
the Lord will grant them more time, more
peace, less pain.

One of my daily reads is NieNie
You may know of her. She may even
be one of your daily reads. If not,
I hope that you can be filled with
the overflowing emotions that I get
from her...excitement, hope, sadness,
desire, confidence, fear, anxiety,
worry, concern, happiness, love,
devotion, anger, rage, joy...
and that is just how I feel. I can
only imagine what her list might look like.
Hugs to you NieNie

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