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Nov 11, 2010

Decorative Blocks!

I LOVE making these blocks!!
Thanks to a Martha Stewart show that showcased
some great Etsy crafters....
I learned how to make decorative blocks!
Style 1
Style 2
Great for all occasions!
Now for my quick tutorial on how to make them...
First, have your handyman cut wood for you
I bought 4 different sizes of wood from Lowes and had
the mister cut them in different lengths

Really all that you need:
wood, paint, whatever stickers you want,
scrapbook paper if you desire, mod podge
Paint all sides of the wood.
I like to put two coats on .
Little tip...if you are covering your blocks with scrapbook paper
you can do a "quick" paint job and usually get away with one coat!
I prefer to sand the edges. Not only does it
give a rough, vintage, antique look it also
is great to cover-up any flaws :)
Add your stickers and cover with a coat of mod podge.
I love block letters...they can be arranged in so many ways!

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Hipsrbabyshelves said...

Definitely trying this. Seriously so adorable!