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Nov 9, 2010

"Berry" Cute!

How stinkin' cute is this?!?! They are SUPER easy to make.
My kiddos made these on their own
(minus the last step).
I can honestly say, I have never seen
my busy, wild but sweet little guy
sit still for so long!! We just might be
making these all year long (haha)

I found the frame at Michael's and used
Apple Barrel acrylic paint ( careful
if you use this with stains clothes, carpet etc)
We painted both sides but the back is
not necessary.

I bought the berries at Michael's as well.
They were $1.99 each but I got them
50% off (woo-hoo!)
Next, pull the berries off of the branch.
This step is fairly easy however there
were a few that I had to use my wire
cutters on.

We took a little break to do a little
dancing with our berries.
shake, shake, shake!!
Cover your frame in tacky glue.
Do not be afraid to use a TON!
I squeezed a bunch all over and then
spread it with my finger.
The glue dries clear so having too
much is not a worry.
Next, put the berries on the frame.
When covered, it looks like this.
I used the palm of my hand to push them
down a little...just to be sure they were
good and stuck!
Last step...this is my part!
Spray your frame with acrylic coating.
It makes the berries look really
shiny and glossy!
Kim (the creative teacher I borrowed this idea from)
suggested putting a black and white picture
in the frame. I tried both and I have to agree...
the b&w one looks best.
Thanks Kim for the CUTE idea!
Happy crafting!

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